All foreigners who are not European can apply for the General Regime.

This regime is the one that establish the conditions of entry, stay and temporary residence in Spain.

There are different options of obtaining the residence. Once acquired, it has to be renewed, complying with the time limits set out in the Law.


Within these residences are:

  • Study stays
  • Medical treatment
  • Voluntary services
  • Unpaid work experiences

The stay period will be of more than 90 days, in order to carry out the above activities. In some cases, you may be able to request an extension.


The foreigner has a legal residence for a period exceeding 90 days and less than 5 years. It can be:

  • Non-lucrative residence: It is an authorization to reside in Spain, without work permits. One of the most important requirements is to demonstrate the economic solvency for that purpose. The process starts in the Spanish Consulate closest to your foreign address.
  • Family reunification: Foreigners who have renewed their original residence can request a family reunification, so they can reside with their family members (spouses, children or parents). Once it is obtained, the regrouped are granted a residence card with the same validity as the sponsor.
  • With the exception of work authorization: Those who can reside in Spain with this modality are technicians, researchers and scientists invited or hired by the Administration, Autonomous Communities, universities or other public/private agencies. It is also for managers, teachers or teachers of cultural institutions or dependent on other states or private institutions with accredited prestige officially recognized by Spain. Also included in this category: officials, military, artists, and religious ministers and media correspondents.
  • Exceptional circumstances (integration/roots)
  • Foreign minors: the children of foreigners can acquire the same authorization of residence as their parents.
    • Born in Spain
    • Born abroad: it can only be requested until the age of majority (18 years). It should be demonstrates a continued presence in Spain during a minimum of two years and their parents must comply with the requirements of the economic means and accommodation.


It can be acquired after having lived continuously for five years in Spanish territory.

We take care of:

  • Collection of the necessary documents
  • Delivery of the documentation to the competent authority
  • Continuous monitoring of the whole process
  • Collection and delivery of the granted resolution
  • Information about the status of the process at any time
  • Collecting the residence permit

If you want to be advised about your General Regime, please do not hesitate to contact us.