If you are interested in living in Spain and you have financial means, we suggest you the Investor Visas.

investor visas

Requirements and basic features of the Investor Visa:

  1. This is a visa or a residence/work permit. It must be periodically renewed as long as the conditions that led to its concession are met.
  2. You have to become a business´owner or investor. You can create it from scratch or it is also possible to invest in an existing business. These visas can also be used to move workers from one company to another branch of the same in Spain..
  3. The business must be real. It has to be a for-profit organization within the technology sector or an activity that generates a great social impact.
  4. Business size. The law does not say anything about it, so it does not require a minimum size. However, it is strictly necessary to generate benefits that go beyond merely covering expenses and the needs of the investor’s family. It is asked to produce what is known as an important contribution to the economy. This requirement is generally considered as fulfilled when the business generates employment, hiring Spanish citizens. When you submit the documentation, you have to attach  a business plan in which it will be detailed the number of jobs to be created. It is therefore important that the company is successful therefore, our commitment is to offer companies with proven profitability. It is required a favourable report to confirm its viability.
  5. Amount to invest. The law does not set a minimum amount but it says that it has to be substantial, which could vary depending on the type of business. Investments above 100,000€ have a big chance to be approved; above 250,000€ is totally likely to be accepted and approved. However, there are numerous cases that have been approved with smaller amounts, and for that to happen it is really important to meet all the requirements. We can help you with our advice and support in the search for viable investments.
  6. Nationality of the investor: It could be from any country from the world.
  7. Source of investment money. Obviously, is must be legal. It must belong to the investor (savings, inheritance, investments). The source of the money is always checked.
  8. Investor’s family. Visa application includes direct family (spouse, children and parents). In the case of children of full age as well as parents must be proved their economic dependence.
  9. It is a long and complicated road, but it is possible to obtain the visa. It is highly recommended to have a good adviser for this type of visas before making any kind of investments. The first thing is to provide an analysis of the business and if it can obtain the approval of the Immigration Authorities.

We can help you:

  • Analyzing the business to verify that it meets all the requirements.
  • Filling in the entire documentation/paperwork.
  • Resolving all your questions about immigration.
  • Looking for investments or companies that adjust well with your requirements.
  • Being an intermediary between the government offices and you.
  • Solving all the problems that may arise during the process.

We are endorsed by our professionalism, services and reputation by working on similar cases.

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