We can help you make all the necessary arrangements to carry out your marriage.

The couple and two witnesses must go to the Civil Registry with all the documents required to begin the Marriage File. In the period of one to two months, we have to return and check if the File is favourable and book a day and time for the celebration. The documentation required depends on whether one of the parties is foreign and if he has previously been married.

The day of the celebration often is in working days in the morning, in both Courthouses and City Councils. In some exceptional cases, it can be celebrated on Saturday. It is not necessary to be a legal resident to celebrate the marriage.

Once the marriage is celebrated, the family book and the marriage certificate are delivered.

If a Spanish marries a foreigner, they both have to respect the Spanish law as well as the rules of the foreigner country.

When the wedding takes place outside Spain, it must be registered in the Central Civil Registry, where all events occurring outside Spain are registered: marriage, birth, death, etc.

We take care of:

  • Collection of the requested documents
  • Delivery of the documentation to the competent authority
  • Continuous monitoring of the whole process
  • Information about the status of the process at any time

If you need any information or further explanation, please do not hesitate to contact us.