B2B Immigration Procedures

From Foreigners Aema we help you with your Immigration procedures with our Business to Business service totally oriented to companies. We carry out all the procedures, fromhiring at source, such as seasonal or nominative, to the search for technical profiles and/or those with difficult coverage, such as coaches or professional athletes, another example being the incorporation of highly qualified professionals.

We offer all the services from checking that the job offer adheres to the necessary requirements, registration with Social Security and support throughout the process to physically obtaining the NIE. We also process the residence of your relatives and/or partner or spouse who wish to obtain residence in Spain as well.

Our B2B immigration services adapt to your needs, whatever your company may be, whether it is a large-cap listed company with an international presence or for SMEs or those within the self-employment regime. Ask us and clarify your doubts, in this way you will know your possibilities with total transparency to carry out the most appropriate option.

Once the options have been presented, our objective is that you really do not worry about the paperwork of administrative procedures and legal procedures and thus you can continue to focus on starting or continuing to promote your business. In short, we carry out all the necessary procedures whether you are undertaking or thinking about it, such as the case of opening a representative office of your company. For all this you must obtain your first residence with an initial foreign account.

In the same way, although the company is already established in Spain in the global and competitive world that we find ourselves in, attracting talent is essential to ensure growth and constant renewal is an obligation so as not to remain outdated. For this reason, we can help you incorporate technological profiles into your workforce or even management personnel who lead the digital transformation or can provide another approach. Likewise, carrying out intra-company transfers throughout the EU territory is another alternative that we can manage.

The Advantages of B2B

As a B2B company we know and know the importance of giving quick answers to the problems that arise on a day-to-day basis since time is money. Without unnecessary waiting since unfortunately too many times the Administration is already sufficiently inoperative. Therefore, the main advantage of B2B is that, regardless of your business model, the professionalism, transparency and efficiency that we demand of ourselves and offer allows you to confidently delegate activities that are not the core of your firm. It prevents the company from being forced to dedicate more time and resources than necessary to such tasks.

We solve your problems by designing and applying a strategy to provide you with peace of mind in the long term and you do not have to worry about the deadlines for renewing employee residence permits. Nor because of the regulatory or procedural changes that we study day after day.

Contact us when you need it knowing that we have the necessary experience as a B2B company with more than 20 years behind us. We are often contacted, even by companies with a powerful legal area, for our specialization in the immigration sector, of which we know all the ins and outs and study continuously.

Another great advantage is being able to reduce your costs by making use of economies of scale since, despite the peculiarities that always exist in each file, the fact of having a common trunk allows us to save on information and communication costs by Be diligent when updating data.

Our rates always take into account the possible eventualities and implicit associated costs, that is, translations, legalizations. In conclusion, we offer a B2B tailored to the needs of your company, advising you at all times about the possibilities and their costs so that you can plan in a way that is appropriate to the company’s objectives.