At Foreigners Aema we offer you a quick management, preparation and presentation of your income statement at the Tax Agency. With personalized attention to obtain the best results.

This year’s deductions for the income statement are: for birth or adoption, care for children under 3 years of age, unpaid foster care for people over 65 years of age, rent of habitual residence. As well as: donations to foundations or sports clubs, educational expenses, purchase of shares in new companies, promotion of self-employment in young people and investments in the MAB, among others.

You can consult those of the Community of Madrid and those of other Communities in the followinglink


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What documents do we need for the income statement?

  • Your DNI / NIE
  • Certificate of withholdings and income
  • Your bank account number
  • Cadastral references of the properties you own or rent
  • In case of being joint: authorization of the members of the family unit and DNI / NIE of the same

For those who have made capital gains or losses, we need:

  • Sell ​​script
  • Dates of acquisition and transmission
  • Real amounts of purchase and sale, expenses and taxes
  • Copy of the declarations of the years in which deductions have been made for the transmitted home

Other documents:

  • In case of having a mortgage or loan extension: outstanding balances to be amortized and receipt of insurance
  • For housing rental: lease, lessor’s NIF and amounts paid for rent
  • If you have made donations, proof of the amounts.