Covid19 latest news spain

We tell you the latest news announced in recent days about the current situation by Covid19

Financial aid to businesses due to the coronavirus

Through Avalmadrid, the Ministry of Economy, Employment and Competitiveness of the Community of Madrid will grant guarantees to SMEs and the self-employed. That their activity has been reduced by the covid-19 Pandemic, to loans or assimilable such as credit policies, factoring, leasing and confirming. ts renewals all granted since the entry into force of Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14, declares a state of alarm. So that they can ensure both their short-term liquidity and their medium- and long-term solvency. With a maturity of each of the guaranteed financial operations of less than the maximum term of five years.

Reasons to travel covid19

Order INT/270/2020, of March 21, established the temporary restriction of non-essential travel from third countries to the European Union and Schengen territory. For public health issues and is currently extended until June 15. The entrances and exits from Ceuta and Melilla are closed. Those of Gibraltar and Andorra carry out the necessary controls to verify compliance with the state of alarm. People who meet the following characteristics are authorized to cross the border:

  • Usual residents in Andorra and Residents or Holders of a long-term visa in states of the European Union. Or associated with Schengen, who go directly to their place of residence.
  • Registered as residents in Spain or going directly to their place of residence in another Member State, Schengen Associated State or Andorra.
  • The spouse of a Spanish citizen or de facto partner and those ascendants and descendants who live in their charge. When traveling with or to meet him.
  • Cross-border workers, Health or elderly care professionals who go to or return from carrying out their work activity. Personnel dedicated to the transport of goods in the exercise of their work activity. Such as crew members of ships and flight personnel necessary for commercial air transport. That they have assured the immediate continuation of the trip.
  • Diplomatic, consular, international organizations, military personnel, members of humanitarian organizations, in the exercise of their functions.
  • People traveling for imperative family reasons, force majeure, for humanitarian reasons or duly accredited situation of need.


Order SND/414/2020, of May 16,, which we strongly recommend you read in detail, establishes a series of criteria to be followed during the new normal. We have selected the following because we think they may be the most useful or of interest to you:

  • Continue to encourage telecommuting to the extent possible

Respect the following capacity regulations in the following cases:

  • In wakes and burials twenty-five people in open spaces or fifteen people in open spaces
    • In places of worship fifty percent of their capacity. Also applicable for weddings setting a maximum of one hundred people in outdoor spaces or fifty people in closed spaces.
    • Forty percent of the total capacity in establishments and commercial premises. Also for hotel and restaurant establishments for consumption on the premises, except for nightclubs and nightlife bars.
    • In shopping centers or parks limited to thirty percent of their common areas.
    • All cinemas, theaters, auditoriums and similar spaces as long as they have pre-assigned seats and do not exceed a third of the authorized capacity. Being the maximum in places less than fifty people and in the open air, with the public compulsorily seated, less than four hundred people. Recommendation of the online or telephone sale of the ticket).
    • For recreational pools, it will be thirty percent of the facility’s capacity. Whenever possible, respect the safety distance between users of two meters. If this cannot be the case, the capacity will be reduced to comply with the safety distance.

Respect security measures in the following cases:

  • The establishments and premises that open to the public will carry out, at least twice a day, a cleaning and disinfection of the facilities
  • The distance between vendor/service provider and customer will be at least one meter when there are protection elements or barriers. If not, it will be two meters, reducing the contact time to the minimum possible.
  • The establishments and premises will make dispensers of hydroalcoholic gels or authorized disinfectants available to the public.
  • Test products (such as cosmetics, perfumery products…) may not be made available to customers. In clothing sales establishments, changing rooms must be used by a single person, cleaning and disinfecting immediately afterwards.

Author: Manuel Rivillo Perez