Exceptional subsidy home employees


As of March 05, the exceptional subsidy for domestic workers is available.

We help you throughout the process until you obtain the benefit, you can request it NOW and you have a term of up to one month after the STATE OF ALARM has ended

According to BOE 01/042020 in Art 30, the beneficiaries of the extraordinary subsidy due to lack of activity are specified

Who has the right?

1.- They have the right when the withdrawal has been after March 14, situations:

  • Total or partial withdrawal to reduce the risk of contagion on a temporary basis
  • Termination of the employment contract due to dismissal of the worker or withdrawal

Article 11.3 RD 1620/2011 regulates the employment relationship of a special nature of the household service.

Termination of contract
  • The contract may be terminated during the course of the state of alarm due to withdrawal by the employer, which must be communicated in writing to the domestic employee, stating, clearly and unequivocally, the will of the employer to terminate the employment relationship by this cause.
  • In the event that the provision of services has exceeded the duration of one year, the employer must grant a period of notice whose duration, computed from the date the decision to terminate is communicated to the worker, must be at least twenty days. In all other cases, notice shall be seven days.
  • Simultaneously with the communication of the termination, the employer must make compensation available to the worker, which will be paid in full in cash, in an amount equivalent to the salary corresponding to twelve calendar days per year of service, with a limit of six monthly payments.
  • During the notice period, the employee who provides full-time services will be entitled, without loss of pay, to a six-hour weekly leave in order to seek new employment.
  • The employer may replace the notice with an indemnity equivalent to the salaries for that period, which will be paid in full in cash.
  • It is accredited with a responsible declaration of the employer when it is temporary leave, in termination of the contract the letter of dismissal or leave in social security is needed
2- It is accredited by a responsible declaration signed by the employer, in the dismissal:

– Letter of dismissal.

– Communication of withdrawal

– Low in social sec

Article 31 Amount

Regulatory base of the previous month = contribution base/30, of which 70% is calculated for each employer with whom one has worked, the SMI cannot be higher. The proportional part of the extra payments is excluded

When the number of hours has been lowered, it will be proportional to the hours that have been lowered

It will be effective from the day following the discharge, in monthly periods, it is compatible with other activities, but not with temporary disability and recoverable paid leave. The sum of the income can never exceed the SMI

Art 32 Compatibility and incompatibility

1.- Compatible with the payments derived from C/A and C/P contracts, but their sum never exceeds the SMI

2.- Incompatible with subsidy for temporary disability and with the recoverable paid leave regulated by the RD-law 10/2020 (COVID-19)

Art 33 Exceptional unemployment benefit at the end of the contract

1.- The beneficiaries are those who had a contract of at least 2 months and have been fired after 03/14/2020 and have no other income

2.- The subsidy is incompatible with the receipt of any minimum income granted by the administration

3.- The subsidy is 80% of the current monthly multi-purpose public income indicator (IPREM)

Monthly IPREM : €548.60 Annual IPREM – 12 payments: €6,583.20 Annual IPREM – 14 payments: €7,680.35

80% IPREM = 438.88

4.- The duration will be 1 month, extendable if determined by RD-law