Medical Visa

What is the medical visa or visa for medical treatment in Spain?

If you cannot get the treatment you need in your country of residence, you can apply for a medical visa if you are admitted to a medical center in Spain. With a high degree of specialization, Spanish healthcare is one of the best in the world. An example of the quality of health care coverage in Spain is the so-called health tourism that many citizens, especially from the European Union, engage in. This phenomenon occurs to a greater extent in the Spanish Levante region and the Balearic and Canary Islands, where a large number of retirees of different nationalities live, with large communities of expatriates of Nordic, Germanic and/or French origin, who know that they can count on the medical care they need. Therefore, if you need to leave your country for medical reasons, you can rest assured that you have made the right choice, whether it is for an urgent procedure, a medical check-up or study, or a cosmetic treatment (link to Medical care may also be directed to minors, for which it is mandatory that their representatives or persons with their authorization ensure their best interests at all times by applying for the medical visa on their behalf.

Medical Visa Requirements

As with all immigration procedures, there are a series of general requirements that must be fulfilled in order to obtain a medical visa, without forgetting that each Consulate, according to its criteria and the particular conditions of each case, may require additional documentation. The following documents are common to any application: completed form with personal data and estimated dates of travel, passport valid, preferably, for more than 6 months. On the other hand, above all, the most important thing is the accreditation of the reasons for the trip and its necessity. The emergency nature of the medical visa must be taken into account and for this reason the duration of the stay will be granted for a maximum of 90 days, which can be extended according to the circumstances by means of the extension of the residence authorization for exceptional circumstances due to supervening illness. This explains why it is necessary to have a round-trip flight in advance and to have accommodation or medical authorization for the necessary rest at the home of a friend or relative (link to letter of invitation). In the latter case, it is necessary to prove the kinship relationship (linking civil proceedings) that explains the reception in the home of a relative.

In summary, it is necessary to clearly and concisely justify the reasons for the presentation of the medical visa. One of the most important reasons given is the fact that there is no possibility of adequate treatment in the country of origin. Therefore, the greater the degree of specialization required by the medical intervention, the greater the possibilities for its concession. In this way, it is essential to provide the diagnosis certificate signed by the doctor accredited by the Spanish clinic or institution that recognizes the seriousness or suitability of your situation for the granting of this visa. Not forgetting that the medical center must confirm that the applicant will be treated in Spain at no cost to the Spanish public treasury, being a private center, so it is important to have financial resources and pay in advance the costs of hospitalization.

Medical Visa Processing

The medical visa is not to be confused with the medical insurance required for the tourist visa nor with the special agreement for the provision of health care (link). What sets him apart is his motivation for the patient’s recovery as it is impossible for him to receive the necessary medical care in his current situation. The processing of the medical visa is always done from the applicant’s country of residence at the Spanish Consulate in that country. Consequently, it cannot be confused with a tourist visa that has to be extended due to illness or injury. The decision criteria are both medical and economic, so it is necessary to prove that you have sufficient economic resources to pay for the hospital services you wish to receive in Spain. For the calculation of the length of stay, what is essential is not only the date stamped in the passport, but also that the time will begin to count from the actual entry into the country. If once you are in the hospital your stay needs to be extended, you can, always before the expiration of the visa, apply for a residence permit for exceptional circumstances. The main negative aspect of the processing of the medical visa is that once the maximum resolution period of 45 days has been exceeded without any communication or notification, it will be understood to have been rejected by negative silence.