Stay for studies

The so-called student residence is actually, for the immigration criteria, a stay authorization for studies or to carry out internships.

This premise involves important nuances and implies fundamental repercussions for changing the residence card for studies or internships once the validity of the residence card has expired.

The modification of the stay for studies, due to its nature, is versatile when it comes to its modification to a temporary residence as an employee, job search, towards a highly qualified or even to request a long-term residence. However, whatever it is, the duration of the stay does not count towards the nationality deadlines.

Stay requirements for studies

As in the rest of immigration procedures, it is vital to guarantee the support of the applicant before starting the procedure. For this reason, the student must ensure that they have 100% of the IPREM to ensure they obtain the study stay.

This amount can be reduced in the event that the accommodation is paid in advance as it is an important expense. This immigration procedure shares common features with the non-lucrative residence since it does not authorize work and economic solvency must be accredited.

The origin of the funds must be accredited by means of documents such as bank certificates. As an exception to the general rule, the situation in which the interested party is authorized to work partially is possible, provided that it does not interfere with their studies or the development of their internships or main research work.

Admission must be made in an approved teaching or training center whether the purpose is study or research. Educational centers can be both private and public, the essential requirement is that it be an official registered center. Failure to comply with this characteristic supposes the decision denying the stay for studies.

From Foreigners Aema we help you to make sure that the entity on which you base your request is recognized by the Ministry of Education as a valid Institution.

Often, due to ignorance of the operation of the procedure, the foreigner may find himself in the situation of his study visa being denied or even if the file was granted later it is not recognized.

Unfortunately, there are numerous precedents of bad practices by entities using terminology such as campus, business school… selling unapproved courses.

Continuing with the requirements, for the presentation it is essential to have health care and accreditation by means of a medical certificate that you do not suffer from any of the diseases included in the 2005 International Health Regulations.

If the applicant is of legal age, they must submit a translated and legalized or apostilled record. On the contrary, if you are a minor, and you are going to reside accompanied, the support of the first relative will represent 75% of the Iprem and the following members 50%.

There is also the possibility that the minor, with the authorization of his parents or guardians, resides in a center that guarantees his care.

We have experience in presenting this type of visa in front of consulates, especially in Latin America and Equatorial Guinea, and we help families so that their children can study abroad either in Spain, in the EU territorial area thanks to internal mobility, Switzerland or UK.

Today, in addition, it is possible as a tourist in Spain to request this type of permit without having to deal with the Consulate.

Change of stay for studies to temporary residence

Due to its nature, the authorization to stay for studies is designed so that after the training received, the knowledge can be applied in the real world, managing to be hired or undertaking a business project, all under the general regime of temporary residence.

In the event that the studies fall within level 6 of the European qualifications framework or higher, the permit may be modified to that of job search. The job search residency, which shares similarities with the non-lucrative residency, will allow us to acquire a highly qualified professional residency permit due to academic level.

From Foreigners Aema we help you both to carry out the renewals or extensions of the student or internship cards and to make the changes you need.